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The Compulsion Project

Breaking away from “traditional theatre,” The Compulsion Project infuses live music and quirky choreography in a relaxed atmosphere for Absurd Reality Theatre’s first foray outside of plays.

The focus of this venture is to exploit the art of the every day; to use the people and things at hand in extraordinary and unpredictable ways. The Compulsion Project is more of a happening than an event; an opportunity to join in the undeniable impulse to create. The evening features live music by unique hip-hop group The Dirty Shirt Party and psychedelic rockers Forefathers. Performances of varying forms will emerge from out of nearly anywhere, bridging the gap between audience and artist. The result is a fully experiential cabaret of Seattle’s newest experiment in art.
The Compulsion Project will run February 22nd and 23rd (Friday and Saturday) 2008. Schmidt Studios is located at the historic Bemis Building, 55 South Atlantic Street #404.

Created by Gabrielle Schutz
: Alyshia Hamm, Ben Rapson, Gabrielle Schutz, Lucy Shelby, Maridee Slater, and Jacki Ward
Contortion: Jacki Ward Burlesque: Scandal from Bohemia Featured bands: Forefathers, The Dirty Shirt Party, and Yellow Hat Band (Saturday only)
Technical side: Tellier Killaby (tech director,) Shane Regan and Maridee Slater (PR)
February 22 & 23
Friday-Saturday performances at 8pm
Suggested donation of $10
Bemis Building
55 South Atlantic Street #404