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About Absurd Reality Theatre

Absurd Reality Theatre is dedicated to inspiring and facilitating collaboration among artists of all performance mediums. By cultivating new experimental works in theater, dance, and music, we hope to encourage artistic community with persistent fervor, exploration, and a dedication to investigating the NOW.


Absurd Reality Theatre, founded in 2004, is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to enrich, educate and entertain our community by providing a superior theatre experience. Absurd Reality Theatre strives to stimulate, celebrate and enhance understanding of ourselves and others through the shared experience of live theatre by producing new and classic plays marked by innovative interpretations and a reflection on the world we live in. Absurd Reality Theatre was founded in 2005 with Brandon Ryan, Shane Regan and Marie Frederickson. We started the company in hopes of just doing one show we really wanted to do (Edward Albee's "The Zoo Story.") After the immense success of that show, we realized we could continue going with further projects, and we created a structure in order to have an actual theatre company. In late 2005 we did Stephen Dietz' "Lonely Planet." To finish our first season, we closed with the comedy "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)." This summer, Absurd Reality Theatre was voted "Best Local Theatre Company" in NWSource's "People's Picks" awards. To open our '06-'07 Season, we played "The House of Yes" at odd Duck Theatre.

In 2008, Absurd Reality Theatre took a bold new step, creating an "Artistic Board," in order to integrate all their extremely talented members in the most effective way possible. These core members will be closely involved, each with a specific task within the company but all with an artistic hand in the projects of ART.

Scripts are accepted! We prefer scripts emailed in PDF or DOC format.

Absurd Reality Theatre is always looking for individuals passionate about the art of theatre, and all aspects of theatre. If you have a project you'd like to propose, or you just want to help usher, we would love to hear from you! Please send us an E-Mail.

Contact Info


The Shunpike
3518 Fremont Ave N c/o Absurd Reality
Box 118
Seattle, WA 98103


(253) 241-4407


General Questions about ART? - info@absurdreality.com
Not sure who to talk to? Email the Public Relations - shane@absurdreality.com
Artistic board:
Tellier Killaby, Technical Director - tellier@absurdreality.com
Shane Regan, Public Relations - shane@absurdreality.com
Brandon Ryan, Audience Development Director - brandon@absurdreality.com
Maridee Slater, Communications Director - maridee@absurdreality.com
Amanda Stoddard, Management Director - amanda@absurdreality.com
David Turnipseed, Script Supervisor - david@absurdreality.com